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How do building templates handle water


There are large capillary and microcapillary systems in the structure of wood formwork. The water in the large capillary system is called free water, and the water in the microcapillary system is called absorbent water.

When the surface of a high-speed plate contacts a thin layer of air at a speed close to zero, a stagnant film of air that separates the air from the surface, this layer is called a critical layer. Water evaporation can only enter the air flow through the critical layer through the slow diffusion, and the heat in the air flow can only slowly pass through the critical layer to conduct to the interior of the veneer. Therefore, the critical layer affects the efficiency of heat exchange, and also reduces the velocity of water escape from the veneer. The resistance to water movement in high-rise special building formwork is mainly transverse conduction perpendicular to the direction of fiber arrangement in the drying of veneer. Therefore, the biggest resistance is the resistance of pore, followed by the resistance of cell cavity and cell wall. The greater resistance to water evaporation and the critical layer of the veneer surface where the air is in contact.

Make water from the side of lumber discharge, veneer thickness is small, area is big, veneer length is bigger than thickness hundreds even thousands times. Therefore, the drying process of veneer mainly relies on crossing the fiber channel to conduct water. The movement of moisture in the wood, the moisture in the log can take the cell cavity as the longitudinal channel, move along the direction of fiber length, discharge from the two ends of the wood, can also take the transverse channel through the grain hole on the cell wall, there are many pores in the cell wall, can be used as the way of water moving along the wall.

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