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How to use building templates correctly


Medium-sized composite building formwork can be used as wall formwork. Due to the common requirements of the same type of high-rise building groups, it is helpful to ensure a higher turnover speed. It is suggested that the whole multi-layer board should be used for the ground building formwork, and the phenolic laminated multi-layer building formwork with 15-18 mm thickness should be used as far as possible. The edge of the building formwork is damaged after repeated use. It should be cut off in time to ensure the smooth edge of the multi-layer board. Medium-sized composite building formwork should be used in the construction of beam-column structure. Because the cross-section of beam and column varies greatly, it is not suitable to use multi-layer slab cutting, so it is suitable for use.

1. Look at the cracks: Medium and low-grade building formwork will inevitably appear cracks, but if the cracks are too big is not good. There are cracks between the textures of the wood. These cracks do not spread and are easy to use. However, some cracks are penetrating the texture and cannot be purchased, because these cracks will extend and have a great negative impact on the future.

2. Look at the texture: It is the standard to judge the quality of the building template. Regular texture is beautiful and generous. Do not choose the building template with chaotic texture.

3.. Look at this festival. It is the scar of this festival. It can be divided into life festivals and death festivals. As a natural product, no knot is impossible. The reasonable distribution of the festival will make the woodwork more beautiful. High quality products do not allow the existence of defective joints. The state stipulates that loose joints less than 3 mm in diameter and dead joints less than 2 mm in diameter shall not be regarded as defective joints.

4.. Look at the color: the high quality building template should have natural tone and clear wood grain, and the material should be visible to the naked eye. If the surface of a building template is darker, it may be desirable to use a thicker paint layer to cover the surface defects of the building template, especially when the six-sided paint of the building template is used.

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